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CAKES -  8"- $30.00 10"- $35.00 12"- $40.00

Golden Genoise(sponge) with berry filling and
chantilly cream
Chocolate Genoise(sponge) with berry filling and
chocolate chantilly cream
Old Fashioned Devil's Food with fudge frosting or
chocolate chantilly cream
Red Velvet Cake with Vanilla Cream Cheese frosting
Queen's Coconut Cake- Vanilla butter cake with
lemon filling and coconut buttercream frosting and
sweet flaked coconut
Belgian Chocolate Mousse Torte(flourless) with
dark chocolate ganache frosting
Carrot Cake with apricots and raisins with lemon
cream cheese frosting
Captain Morgan's Banana Cream Cake- Rum
flavored golden genoise cake filled with bananas and
vanilla pastry cream, frosted with chantilly cream
German Chocolate Cake with coconut pecan
caramel frosting
Lemon Chiffon Roll- Golden sponge cake rolled
around a fresh lemon filling and dusted with
powdered sugar
Apple Cake with Maple Frosting-Spiced apple cake
with chopped apples and walnuts and maple cream
cheese frosting
Black Forest Cake- Sour cream chocolate filled with
sour cherries and chantilly cream
Chocolate Chestnut Torte-Rich flourless
bittersweet chocolate and chestnut torte, garnished
with chantilly cream

CHEESECAKES -  8"- $30.00 10"- $35.00

Strawberry Sour Cream
Seasonal Fruit

TEA CAKES -  $20.00

Orange Cranberry
Lemon Poppy
Chocolate Walnut

PIES $22.95

Chocolate Walnut
Key Lime
Lemon Cream
Banana Cream
Toasted Coconut Cream
Seasonal Pies also available


Raspberry or French Apricot Lattice $20.00
Linzer (Raspberry with Nut Pastry) $25.00
Seasonal Galettes $10.95
Fresh Fruit $25.00

Lemon Snow Trifle
Savannah Banana Pudding
$4.95 per serving

Righteous Breads

Anadama (Cornmeal & Molasses)
Carrot Tarragon
Cinnamon Walnut Raisin
Country Herb
French Baguette
Harvest Grain Bread
Portuguese Sweet Turban
Russian Black
Sesame Whole Wheat
Sun-Dried Tomato & Olive
Caraway Rye
Tuscan Cheese


We also offer a full line of dinner rolls, sandwich rolls, and biscuits.

For additional information, pricing, or ordering, please contact us.
1012 State Street
New Haven, 06512

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